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1-797-652-11 CARD, GRAPHIC (MIL G550EX D32AD) for F130
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1-797-652-11 CARD, GRAPHIC (MIL G550EX D32AD) for F130
Commodity Number:1-797-652-11
1-797-652-11 CARD, GRAPHIC (MIL G550EX D32AD) for F130
SMT Card
Product Description

1-797-652-11 CARD, GRAPHIC (MIL G550EX D32AD) for F130

Other parts we have:

1-787-209-11 F130/F209/G200Y Axis Motors
1-763-914-11 F130/F209/G200X Axis Motors
1-787-219-11 F130/F209 FF/FR Axis Motor
1-763-911-11 F130/G200FF Shaft, RN Axis Motor
1-763-913-11 F130/G200 RT Axis Motor
1-787-220-11 F130/G200 H-axis Motor
1-763-437-11 E1000/E2000 X-axis motors
1-763-438-11 E1000/E2000 Y-axis motors
1-763-439-11 E1000/E2000 FF Axis/FR Axis Motor
1-763-440-12 E1000 H-axis Motor
1-763-441-12 E1000 RT Axis Motor
1-763-442-12 E1000 RN Axis Motor
1-763-915-11 E1100 X-axis motor
1-763-914-11 E1100 Y-axis Motor
1-763-911-11 E1100 FF shaft/FR shaft/RN shaft motor
1-763-913-11 E1100 RT Axis Motor
1-763-912-11 E1100 H-axis motor
1-763-668-11 E2000 H-axis Motor
1-763-666-11 E2000 R-Axis Motor
1-763-667-11 E2000 M-axis Motor
1-763-665-11 E2000 Motor
1-787-224-11 F209 Motor
1-787-225-11 F209 Motor
1-787-223-11 F209 Motor
1-787-834-12 G200MK3/G200MK5 Y-axis Motor
1-787-835-11 G200MK3/G200MK5 X-axis motor
1-787-838-11 G200MK3/G200MK5 RN Axis Motor
1-787-837-11 G200MK3/G200MK5 RT Axis Motor
 1-787-836-11 G200MK3/G200MK5 H-axis Motor
1-789-007-11 F130 V-CPU Card
1-761-987-11 F130 PCI-4646 Card
1-761-984-11 F130 Image Card
1-789-006-11 F130 W-CPU Card
1-789-485-11 G200 SY-MC2 Card
1-789-652-1 SDIOS Card
1-761-415-11 E1100 V-CPU Card
1-797-651-11 Track Control Card
1-789-493-11 Alarm Card
1-789-403-11 Light Card
A-8417-657-A E1100 Vacuum Pusher
1-761-777-1 E1100 SY-IF Card
1-761-157-12 E1100 SY-EX Card
1-454-993-11 E1000 Vacuum Pusher
A-1067-852-A F130 Vacuum Pusher
1-489-133-12 G200AA Vacuum Pusher
A-1376-888-A G200BB Vacuum Pusher
1-474-020-11 G200 Mainframe Power Supply
1-417-518-11 G200 Parts Camera
A-1775-170-A G200 Board Camera
1-417-515-11 Camera IK-53V
1-418-772-12 IK-54XSL
1-787-838-11 G200 RN Motor
1-787-837-11 G200 RT Motor
1-787-836-11 G200 H-axis motor
1-787-209-11 G200 Y-axis motor
1-763-914-11 F130 Y-axis motor
1-787-219-11 F130 RN Motor
1-763-911-11 F130 FF Axis Motor
1-787-209-11 F130 X-axis motor
1-787-220-11 F130 H-axis motor
2-148-154-03 F130 Switching Valve
3-279-056-01 G200BB switching valve
4-273-156-01 G200 C-type valve
4-761-826-04 E1000 switching valve
4-191-508-01 G200 MRK7 Inner Bushing
3-279-055-01 G200BB Inner Bushing
1-829-602-12 F209 cable
1-823-173-11 E1100 E2 Cable
1-823-179-11 E1100 cable
1-829-529-11 E3 Encoder Line
1-829-518-11 F130 E2 cable
4-721-797-01 Clip
2-673-672-01 Internal spring of G200
4-719-899-01 G200 suction nozzle compression spring
2-594-336-01 G200 filter cotton
2-673-671-01 G200 Outer Return Spring
2-149-675-01 G200 H-axis rack
4-719-921-02 G200 H-Axle Gear
X-232-095-92 G200 Fly Shrapnel
X-2320-959-3 G200 Fly Shrapnel
A-1244-680-A Phase Adjustment Fixture
2-681-188-01 G200 Inner Shaft Assembly
2-685-359-05 G200 Inner Shaft Assembly
2-693-797-01 G200 Inner Shaft Assembly
2-697-692-04 G200 Inner Shaft Assembly
2-697-692-53 G200 Inner Shaft Assembly
2-697-693-63 G200 Inner Shaft Assembly
1-478-890-12 G200 Nozzle Fiber
4-191-508-01 G200 Inner Bushing
X-2109-603-4 G200 Lotus Plate
2-673-683-03 Ring on the G200
2-694-345-03 G200 Ring
1-479-340-11 G200 Encoder
2-149-699-01 G200 H axis slider
2-681-193-01 G200 Pinion
2-148-138-02 G200 O-ring
1-479-920-11 G200 nozzle amplifier
1-418-710-11 E1100 nozzle amplifier
2-148-138-01 F130 O-ring
2-148-095-01 F130 inner shaft
2-109-751-01 F130 External Return Spring
2-109-750-01 F130 inner return spring
2-109-833-01 F130 retaining ring
4-722-489-04 Inner shaft of E1100
4-719-919-11 E1100 Inner Shaft Cap O-ring
4-722-484-03 E1100 Retaining Ring
1-478-890-11 E1100 Suction Nozzle Fiber
4-722-653-02 E1100 H-axis Rack
4-719-919-01 E1100 Inner Shaft O-Ring
4-719-892-04 E1000 inner shaft
4-719-896-01 E1000 Ring
4-719-897-01 E1000 return spring
4-719-898-01 E1000 Inner Spring
1-477-621-11 E1100 RT Server SGDS-04A01AR
4-141-478-11 G200 Track Belt
4-141-478-01 G200 Track Belt
4-141-478-21 G200 Track Belt
2-679-676-11 G200 Track Belt
2-149-700-01 G200 RN Belt
2-697-310-01 G200 FF Shaft Belt
2-693-817-01 G200 RT Belt
4-722-207-01 E1000 Vacuum Pump Belt
3-212-264-01 F130AI RT Belt
2-582-770-02 F130 RT Belt
4-722-537-01 F130 FF Shaft Belt
2-693-816-01 F130 RN Belt
2-582-770-02 F130 RT Belt
2-149-700-01 F130 RN Belt
4-722-626-01 E1100 RT Belt
4-722-629-01 E1100 RN Belt
2-592-194-01 Rack Belt
2-592-195-01 Rack Belt
4-722-634-01 F130 RT Pulley
2-693-819-01 G200 RT Spindle Wheel
4-722-661-01 F209 H-axis Pulley
2-149-703-01 G200 RN Spindle Wheel
4-721-029-01 Track Pulley
4-719-920-01 Ball
4-722-501-01 E1100 RT Motor Bracket
4-722-642-01 E1100 RT Motor Bracket
1-418-504-11 H-axis limit sensor
1-762-480-11 S-axis Limit Sensor
1-418-407-11 S-axis limit sensor

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Product serial number: 1-797-652-11
1-797-652-11 CARD, GRAPHIC (MIL G550EX D32AD) for F130
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