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  • AOI automatic optical inspection instrument
    AOI automatic optical inspection instrument
    AOI automatic optical inspection instrument Automated Optical Inspection (AOI, Automated Optical Inspection)   I. Definition   Using high speed and high precision vision processing technology to automatically detect different kinds of mounting errors and soldering defects on PCB boards.   PCB boards can range from fine pitch high density boards to low density large size boards, and can provide in-line inspection solutions to improve production efficiency and solder quality.   By using AOI as a defect reduction tool, errors can be found and eliminated early in the assembly process to achieve good process control. Early detection of defects will prevent bad boards from being sent to subsequent assembly stages, and AOI will reduce repair costs by avoiding scrapping unrepairable boards.   Second, the main features   1) High-speed inspection system   Independent of PCB mounting density   (2) Fast and convenient programming system   - Graphical interface for   -Automatic data inspection with mounting data   -Fast editing of inspection data using component database   3)Use of a wealth of special multifunctional inspection algorithms and binary or grayscale   (3) Inspection using a wide range of dedicated multifunctional inspection algorithms and binary or grayscale optical imaging processing technology   4) Automatic correction of the detection window according to the instantaneous change of the position of the inspected component   Automatic correction to achieve high accuracy detection   (5) Detection by marking directly on the PCB with ink or by graphical error representation on the operation display   on the operating display with graphic errors to check the detection of electricity
  • Modular mounter cm402
    Modular mounter cm402 PanasonicCM402 Single Platform Solution: One Platform Industry* high productivity, 0.06S/CHIP (60,000cph) Flexible variety switching capability and wide range of component matching capability High production capacity. - Achieves high speed with a capacity of 60,000 CPH (system upgrade capable of reaching 66,000 CPH) - Substrate delivery time* as fast as 0.9 seconds. Flexible substrate transport, reducing lost transport time High efficiency. - CP/CPK self-check function, customers can check the accuracy of the equipment themselves during the use of the equipment - 0603 narrow pitch placement component absorption rate and product once pass through rate is the highest in the business world*, such as the current mass production of Ipod MP3 - To realize 100% automatic insertion of hand inserted components by program-controlled precision pressure insertion. For example: I/O port, shaped connector, copper column, etc. Flexible wiring options. Based on a single platform design, the CM402A/B/C models can be changed to high-speed machines/universal machines/combined machines by simply changing the head and adding a tray feeder (TRAY) - Highly efficient production with a large number of proven reliable designs that significantly reduce downtime - Fewer types of production line carriers in the world*. A total of 5 types of racks can be used for all types of tape elements. - Intelligent tape racking, automatic selection of transfer method according to components, and various other intelligent functions - Single machine* can mount up to 216 types of components - A bracket type trolley exchange connection / braiding / shelf and other filling peripheral devices to achieve non-stop material change, the actual production cranking rate of 85%-90% High placement accuracy. - High-precision placement 50μm (Cpk≧1.0) high-precision base-machine, and with high-precision calibration function and - A variety of flexible combination of ways to meet the different needs of production Perfect software system. - Simple process software, a one-time completion of the single machine optimization and production line balance optimization - LINE COMPUTER management system to monitor production management information and material usage at all times - IPC intelligent component tracking system, not only to track PCB ID and prevent material change errors, but also to monitor and provide feedback to the entire production line (including monitoring of printing presses and reflow ovens) at all times. Equipment name :CM402 Type of mounting head: High-speed general purpose No. of nozzles: 8 nozzles / head × 4 3 nozzles / head × 4 Mounting speed: 0.06 sec / Chip 0.21sec/Chip Mounting accuracy: ±0.05mm ±0.035mm Number of shelves: *Up to 216 stations (8mm double) shelves Corresponding component size.     0603C/R--L24mm×W24mm     0603C/R--L100mm×W90mm Substrate size: L50mm×W50mm~L510mm×W360mm Features. - Supports a wide range of chip component placement, from 0201 chip to 24mm X 24mm in high-speed machine mode, and from 0201 chip to 90mm X 100mm in multi-function machine mode. - High throughput of 60,000 CPH, the highest in the industry*. - Holds up to 216 types of materials (with 8mm dual shelves) - Standard trolley type one-touch changeover, belt splicing, and continuous replenishment - Board transfer time of 0.9 seconds Flexible board transfer reduces transfer time loss. - User can freely switch between A, B and C production modes on site depending on the production target. Type A High Speed Head + High Speed Head Type B Multifunctional Head + Multifunctional Head (can be equipped with pallet feeder) Type C High-speed Head + Multi-functional Head (can be equipped with pallet feeder) If you want to switch freely between high-speed and multifunctional machines on one bonder, the CM402 with its fast switching platform is the right choice for you. Its high speed mode has a capacity of 60,000 CPH and ±50μm accuracy for substrates up to 18 "x 20". Its multi-function mode also has a capacity of 17,140 CPH and ±35μm accuracy. In addition to high speed and switchability, the CM402 has several other advantages. Its user-friendly interface makes operation and programming easy and simple. It allows for fast substrate transfer and easy product changeover, minimizing production crop losses.
  • Hanwha SM471 mounter (Samsung SM471) component supply error analysis and solution
    Hanwha SM471 mounter (Samsung SM471) component supply error analysis and solution Chapter 1. MMI Error Code and Problem Solving 1.1. Trouble Shooting Guide General principles If any of the following errors occur during the operation of the equipment, first take the measures described in [Countermeasures] in this manual. If an error still occurs after taking measures or if an error not covered by this manual occurs, please contact us after taking the following measures. First, save the record file necessary for taking measures to disk. If the error is related to the device driver, make all axes of the device return to the original point function, and then remove the error again. If the problem continues to occur, turn off the power to the device and restart it after about 10 seconds and remove the error once again. If the problem is still not solved after taking many of the above measures or retrying, please send the contents of the saved record file to our company for consultation on the contents of additional measures according to ** one of the measures. Generally speaking, when there is an abnormal software error or obstacle, it is possible to solve the problem as soon as possible by saving the following files and contacting our company. Job PCB file (a file with .pcb or .opt extension) Error log files (all files on the C:\SmartSM\Log folder) Device system files (all files on the C:\SmartSM\System folder) Warnings Please refer to the device status display field of the MMI to confirm the error level according to the error code. If the error level is Emergency (EMER) or Freeze (FREEZE), click the "STOP" button to turn off the buzzer and then click the "RESET" button to convert the device to "IDLE" status and take the appropriate action. The corresponding measures are taken. If it is MPU_STOP, turn off the device normally and restart it. If you adjust the sensor or perform debugging while the device is in the Ready state, you may be injured. Be sure to perform sensor adjustment and error removal in the Stop state after releasing Ready. 1.2.1. Absorption error (increase in waste rate) Component supply error Cause Major category:Incorrect belt installation Cause Medium category:Incorrect belt reel installation on belt feeder Remarks:E0000 Cause:Overturning/tilt phenomenon occurring Cause:Reel** Remark:E0110       Cause Medium category:Tape guide magnetized Remark:E0011       Cause:Tape guide/shutter deformation Remark:E0012       Cause:Shutter movement** Remark:E0013       Cause classification:Component supply speed**(shaped feeder) Remark:E0014 Reason large classification:Feeding** Reason medium classification:Feeder maintenance** Remark:E0020       Reason in classification:Motor action of belt feeder** Remark:E0021       Cause:Cylinder action of belt feeder** Remark:E0022       Cause:Insufficient feeding force of belt feeder Remark:E0023       Cause:Breakage and detachment of feeding spring Remark:E0024       Cause:Pitch error Remark:E0025       Cause:Indexing sensor** Remark:E0026       Medium classification of cause:Vibration of vibration feeder is too weak to move the component Remark:E0027 Cause Large category:Vinyl film discharge** Cause Medium category:Tape plastic is caught inside the tape guide Remark:E0030         Abnormal discharge of vinyl film Remark:E0031 Cause Large category:occurrence of strip JAM Cause Medium category:entrapment of component in strip discharge path Remark:E0040 Cause Large category:Component bouncing next to pickup Cause Medium category:Pickup Z setting error Remark:E0050                              Cause Medium Category:Pickup dropping fast Remark:E0051 2. Year-round agent sales of Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder, agent of the hot models include: 1,Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM471plus(high speed CHIP bonder). 2,Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM481plus(high speed and high precision bonder); 3,Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM482plus(multi-functional bonder). Advantages of Hanwha Samsung mounter: 1,Hanwha Samsung Chip Mounter SM471plus:   SM471puls high speed Chip mounter SM471 is equipped with 10 axial bars per placement head and apply double cantilever, the new flying camera high performance mounter, can achieve the world's class products * high speed of 78,000CPH.   In addition, 01005-14mm (H12mm) can be basically corresponded to, and by applying high-speed. The high precision electric feeder improves productivity and placement quality. In addition, it can share with SM pneumatic feeder* original SM3/SM4 series feeder, so it will be more convenient for old customers to use, and save the configuration of feeder (*New electric feeder can get *high precision and fast response speed, improve quality and productivity) 2,Hanwha Samsung mounter SM481plus:   SM481plus is the fastest machine in its class based on the platform of high-speed bonder SM471plus and enhanced for the VISION system. It is equipped with one cantilever, 10 axes, a new flying camera and th
  • Hanwha bonder (Samsung bonder) SM471/SM481 bonder/SM482 bonder program management and optimization method
    Hanwha bonder (Samsung bonder) SM471/SM481 bonder/SM482 bonder program management and optimization method This issue to explain the Hanwha bonder (Samsung bonder) program management and optimization, for the model Hanwha bonder SM471plus / Hanwha bonder SM481plus, Hanwha bonder SM482plus, etc. (Note: professional agent Hanwha new bonder). Need to explain to the directory as follows: 1、Component library update 2、Merge component library 3, the management of the program file 4, component type and the proportion of the chip point allocation 5、The allocation of material station 6、Component library parameter setting 7、Nozzle configuration and binding optimization 8、Program check 9、Program modification specification I,Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482 - Component Library Update Return the production program of the shift Use the SMART software to open the returned program to update the SMD material number of the library (10 minutes a day is enough) II,Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482-Merge Component Library Merge SM471 with 481 and 482 PARTDB (as below) III,Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482 - Management of program files The program files were originally placed in one folder, but now there is one folder for each model for easy access to the programs. The programs of cross mode and independent mode are put in two folders respectively. Fourth, Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482 - component type and the proportion of SMD points allocation 1, less than or equal to 0402 resistive material priority placement SM471 optimization. 2, greater than or equal to 0603 / crystal class materials such as priority placement SM481 optimization. 3, BGA, QFN, interface class materials such as priority placement SM482 optimization. 4, according to the general ratio of SMD points 6:3:1. V,Material station allocation-Hanhua SM471/SM481/SM482 1、According to the amount of material and the number of nozzles used to do the corresponding number of feeders set to achieve the * best cycle. 2、The arrangement of the station is centered on the docked PCB and spreads to both sides in turn. 3、If the material station allows, SM471 can place the empty TRAY tray at stations 1-13 during program optimization to prevent the benchmark camera from taking the material position. Six,Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482-component library parameter setting 1、The light brightness of general resistive parts is set to 3 7 respectively, and the mounting speed is full speed. 2、The light and mounting speed of the shaped parts can be adjusted accordingly according to the actual situation. 2、The resistive capacitive parts below 1206 need to open vacuum detection, which can prevent the suction nozzle from dirty mismeasurement leading to leakage detection, and the resistor needs to open anti-backlash function. Seven,Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482-nozzle configuration and binding optimization 1、According to the amount of material to configure the total class and number of nozzles, to meet the program optimization needs 2, according to the number of nozzles demanded to fix the HEAD and nozzles after optimization, the production process will not need to replace the nozzles. Eight, Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482-program check 1. According to the order number given by the plan and then find the BOM in the mail, create a folder in the computer checklist (folder naming rule is model number + order number), copy the BOM into the folder for splitting. 2. use SMART software to open each one of the program, do not extend, only copy the patch point number, paste it into the split table, if it is BOT surface ** table on the back plus B1, and so on. Use EXCEL for comparison, comparison is completed with automatic screening to view the results of the comparison, check the 3 machines patch points 3. Fill in the verification records on the program verification record sheet. Nine, Hanwha SM471/SM481/SM482-program modification specification 1、If any abnormality is found after the program check, the program on 3 machines must be modified, and it is strictly forbidden to modify only one program that needs patching. 2、Modify the check again after the completion of the check, the check is correct after printing the station table 3, fill out the program modification checklist, including the modified points and modified before and after the material number. 4、If the program needs to delete the material, it must re-optimize the balance CT, and the quantity difference must be re-imported into CAD for optimization. Prevent coordinate offset and modification error. Ten, year-round agent sales Hanwha Samsung new mounter, agent of the hot models include: 1, Hanwha Samsung brand new SMD machine SM471plus (high-speed CHIP mounter). 2,Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM481plus(high speed and high precision bonder); 3,Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM482plus(multi-functional bonder)
  • Hanwha Samsung mounter error message: When the power is turned on, No Signal on the monitor (Monitor)
    Hanwha Samsung mounter error message: When the power is turned on, No Signal on the monitor (Monitor) Code:E0500 No Signal on Monitor when power is turned on. [Cause]: 1. PC power supply input (220V), output (5V, 12V) voltage problem 2. SBC board electrolytic capacitor alarm (beeping sound) 3. CPU and Memory of SBC board are not properly inserted 4. Frequent boot errors and boot failures causing HDD damage   Only applicable to SM-Series devices 5. SBC board and CPU** (beeping sound) 6. PC Rack internal temperature rises causing the board to act improperly 7. SBC board problem (beeping) and Back Plane problem (no beeping) 8. Front USB Extend cable problem 9. CMOS information of SBC board is wrong 10. Com 1,2 Port problem of SBC board 11. 24V Magnetic switch 12. SBC board and CAN Master board 13. Composite problem   SBC board and Back Plane board damage, CPU damage, virus infection, CPU temperature rise, etc. 14. Main power supply is unstable 15. CPU cooling fan damaged causing CPU overheating 16. Display is damaged or not connected to the signal cable [Check method]  1. When the power is on, check if the cooling fan on the VME Rack is operating normally. If the fan is not operating, check if the input (220V) and output (5V, 12V) voltages of the PC power supply are normal. 2. If the cooling fan operates, check if the electrolytic capacitor body of the SBC board is protruding. 3. Check if the CPU cooling fan is operating normally, and make sure the CPU or Memory is properly inserted into the socket. 4. Check whether the HDD can be recognized normally on CMOS SETUP 5. Replace the SBC board and CPU to make sure they start up properly. 6. Check if the shop temperature is above 24º. 7. Replace the SBC board and Back Plane board and verify that they start up properly. 8. Check if the connection of Front USB extension cable is normal 9. Test the SBC CMOS Reset and make sure the message "CMOS is set to default" is displayed on the screen. 10. Confirm that the Com 1,2 Port of the SBC board is normal. 11. Confirm that the Safety & Control board Relay (CP1) is operating normally. 12. After replacing the SBC board and CAN Master board, make sure that they start normally. 13. Check if the SBC board, Back Plane board, CPU, HDD and cooling fan are operating normally. 14. Check if the main voltage is supplied normally. 15. Check if the CPU cooling fan is operating normally 16. check whether the connection of monitor power and signal line is normal, if there is no abnormality, then switch to another monitor and confirm whether the normal screen is displayed. [Measures]  1. If the input and output of the PC power supply are not normal, replace the PC power supply. 2. If the electrolytic capacitor of SBC board**, replace the SBC board. 3. Assemble the CPU, Memory and board support frame of SBC board correctly. 4. Replace the HDD and implement Recovery, reinstall the MMI. 5. Replace the SBC board and CPU. 6. Take off the Dummy Slot Cover to release the heat inside the PC Rack and reboot. 7. Replace the SBC board and Back Plane board. 8. Replace the Front USB Extend cable. 9. Set the jumper of SBC board and implement CMOS Reset of SBC board. 10. Replace the SBC board. 11. Replace the 24V Magnetic switch (Relay) on the Safety & Control board. 12. Replace the SBC board and Can Master board. 13. 13. For the abnormal part, apply heat-resistant grease between CPU and CPU cooling fan (CPU temperature will drop about 20 degrees) after referring to the measures proposed earlier. 14. If the input power is unstable, it is recommended to install AVR. 15. Replace the CPU cooling fan. 16. Replace the monitor or reconnect the power cable and signal cable connected to the monitor. We are a permanent agent of Hanwha bonder, and our hot models include: 1, Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM471plus (high-speed CHIP bonder). 2,Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM481plus(high speed and high precision bonder); 3,Hanwha Samsung brand new bonder SM482plus(multi-functional bonder)


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