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  • When JX350 40123242 cpu board have error code E101000
    When JX350 40123242 cpu board have error code E101000
    Why JX350 40123242 cpu board have error code E101000? When JX350 40123242 cpu board have error code E101000, what are the possible reasons? 1. Check hardware connections: Make sure that all connections to the CPU board are correct and that there are no loose or damaged cables. In practice, when the CPU board has loose cables, the machine's computer will show that the CPU board is not responding. the CPU board's light will not turn on.   2. Check power and voltage: Make sure the CPU board is receiving the correct power and voltage and is not out of or below the specified range. When the UPS power supply of the JX350 machine is bad, or the voltage is unstable, the machine system will restart automatically. 3. Update software or firmware: If possible, check to see if there are available software or firmware updates that may contain bug fixes. If there is no problem with the machine's power supply, there may be a problem with the hard disk system on the CPU board and a new system will need to be re-downloaded. Our JUKI engineer who specializes in JX350 machine think this maybe the most probable solution. 4. Check other components: Sometimes the error code may not be caused by the CPU board itself, but by other components or system parts connected to it. Check that all related components and system parts are working properly. This code can also appear in the board box when the board next to the CPU card is unstable. The CPU card and the card next to it need to be re-plugged to troubleshoot the problem. 5. Replace the hardware: If all else fails and you suspect a problem with the CPU board itself, then you may need to consider replacing it. Please note that solving a hardware or system failure may require specific skills and experience. If you are unsure how to proceed, or are concerned about possible damage to the unit, it is best to seek professional help, such as contact our company ZK Electronic Technology Co.,Limited, we have a team of 6~10 engineers specializing in the repair and maintenance of various brands of SMT machines, especially specializing in JUKI 2000, FX, RS, and JX100, JX300, JX350 LED machines. Becky Su ZK Electronic Technology Co.,Limited 
  • Notice of the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday
    Notice of the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday Dear All.   Have a nice day! The Chinese Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday is coming, ZK Electronic/Blue Fish will have a vacation from 28th, Sep to 6th, Oct. We hereby notify in advance that shipping and after-sales are suspended during the holiday period. Sorry for the inconvenience we bring to you. Take our best regards to you and your family.   BLUE FISH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD ZK ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
  • Spring Festival Holiday Notice
    Dear customers. Chinese New Year is approaching, ZK Electronic/Blue Fish 2023 Chinese New Year holiday arrangement is 14th, Jan to 29th, Jan. We hereby notify in advance that shipping and after-sales are suspended during the holiday period. In order to avoid the tension of shipping after the New Year, if you have any needs, please contact us in advance to arrange. Sorry for the inconvenience we bring to you! Thanks a lot for your support of 2022! We will continue to provide you with good products and services on 2023! BLUE FISH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD ZK ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
  • Control method of SMT material consumption
    Control method of SMT material consumption As the question, I believe this problem is troubling many SMT people. In fact, the key to control SMT material consumption is to improve the measures  A, control the artificial waste   1, the use of materials and the number of returns should be carefully verified every day. 2, disassembly material improper waste: training of equipment operators, corresponding to the form of packaging using the corresponding material frame   3、Waste of using wrong material, heavy industry: each shift should have 3 times to check the material, change the material corresponding to the material tray in the way of one for one, confirmed by special personnel, and test the value.    4、In order to pursue the output, the operators change the material in advance and consume the material without finishing. This phenomenon should be supervised to avoid.   5、The abnormal consumption caused by machine and equipment failure. Timely detection of the problem can minimize the loss.   6, for the normal production on the line when the residual products generated by the rework consumption, this is not yet controlled.    Second, the material loss of serious control measures, performance for the people \ machine \ material \ law   People: mainly refers to the production line operators, usually they are on the material, down the line, in the end there is no real view of each material as gold, fell on the ground material has not put up, and hand swing. Machine frequent alarm when whether timely reflection of engineering, etc.   Machine: usually whether the machine is practically executed maintenance operation, whether the nozzle is often cleaned and tested, whether the material frame is often maintained and corrected, whether the program is correctly written, etc.   Material: whether the material has incoming material abnormality, such as incoming material packing is too tight, can't get material throwing material; incoming material is broken, replacement loss, etc.   Law: such as the operator's proficiency in operating the machine, the ability to distinguish and reasonably use the material frame, etc.     In summary, the control of SMT material consumption from a variety of aspects, and long-term implementation of reasonable methods.
  • Happy New Year 2023!
    Happy New Year 2023! Blue Fish/ZK Electronic would like to wish you a joyous new year and express our hope for your happiness and good future 2023!


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