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  • SMT Common Knowledge
    SMT Common Knowledge
    SMT Common Knowledge SMT Common Knowledge Introduction      1 . Generally speaking, the temperature of SMT workshop is 25±3℃.    2. Solder paste printing, the materials and tools needed to prepare the paste, steel plate, scraper, wipe paper, dust-free paper, cleaning agent, stirring knife.      3. generally used alloy composition of the paste is Sn / Pb alloy, and the alloy ratio of 63/37. 4.      4. The main components of the solder paste is divided into two major components of tin powder and flux. 5.      5 flux in the soldering of the main role is to remove the oxide, destroy the surface tension of molten tin, to prevent re-oxidation. 6.      6. The volume ratio of tin powder particles to Flux (flux) in solder paste is about 1:1, and the weight ratio is about 9:1.      7. The principle of taking solder paste is first in first out. 8.      8. when the paste is opened and used, it must go through two important processes: tempering and stirring.      9. The common production methods of steel plate are: etching, laser, electroforming.      10. The full name of SMT is Surfacemount (or mounting) technology, Chinese meaning for surface adhesion (or mounting) technology. 11.      11. the full name of ESD is Electro-static discharge, the Chinese meaning is electrostatic discharge.      12. When making SMT equipment program, the program includes five major parts, this five parts are substrate data; mounting data; loading data; component data; absorbing data, image data.      13. lead-free solder Sn/Ag/Cu 96.5/3.0/0.5 melting point of 217C. 14.      14. The controlled relative temperature and humidity of the parts drying oven is < 10%.      15. commonly used passive components (PassiveDevices) are: resistance, capacitance, point sense (or dipole), etc.; active components (ActiveDevices) are: crystals, IC, etc.      16. The material of the commonly used SMT steel plate is stainless steel.      17. The thickness of the commonly used SMT steel plate is 0.15mm (or 0.12mm).      18. The types of electrostatic charge generated by friction, separation, induction, electrostatic conduction, etc.; electrostatic charge on the electronics industry: ESD failure, electrostatic pollution; electrostatic elimination of the three principles of electrostatic neutralization, grounding, shielding.      19. imperial size LxW 0603=0.06inch*0.03inch, metric size LxW 3216=3.2mm*1.6mm.      20. The 8th code "4" of ERB-05604-J81 indicates 4 circuits with 56 ohms resistance value. Capacitor ECA-0105Y-M31 capacitance C = 106PF = 1NF = 1X10-6F.      21. ECN Chinese full name: engineering change notice; SWR Chinese full name: special requirements work order, must be countersigned by the relevant departments, the documentation center to distribute, in order to be effective.      22. 5S specific content for the organization, tidying, cleaning, cleanliness, literacy.      23. The purpose of PCB vacuum packaging is to prevent dust and moisture.      24. The quality policy is: **Quality control, implementation of the system, to provide the quality of customer needs; full participation, timely processing, to achieve the goal of zero defects.      25. The three no policies of quality are: do not accept ** products, do not manufacture ** products, and do not flow out ** products.      26. QC seven techniques in the fishbone check the cause of 4M1H are (Chinese): people, machines, materials, methods, environment.      27. The composition of the solder paste contains: metal powder, solution, flux, anti-drop agent, active agent; by weight, metal powder accounts for 85-92%, by volume metal powder accounts for 50%; where the main components of metal powder for tin and lead, the ratio of 63/37, the melting point of 183 ℃.      28. Solder paste must be taken out of the refrigerator when using back to temperature, the purpose is: let the refrigerated temperature of the paste back to room temperature, in order to facilitate printing. If not return to temperature in the PCBA into the Reflow easy to produce ** for tin beads.      29. the machine's file supply mode are: ready mode, priority exchange mode, exchange mode and quick connect mode.      30. SMT PCB positioning methods are: vacuum positioning, mechanical hole positioning, bilateral clamping positioning and board edge positioning.         31. The resistor with a silkscreen (symbol) of 272 has a resistance value of 2700Ω, and the resistor with a resistance value of 4.8MΩ has a symbol (silkscreen) of 485.      32. The silkscreen on the BGA body contains information such as manufacturer, manufacturer's part number, specification, and Datecode/(Lot No).      33. The pitch of 208pin QFP is 0.5mm.      34. the seven QC practices, the fishbone diagram emphasizes the search for cause-and-effect relationships;      35. CPK refers to the current process capability under actual conditions;      36. Flux starts to evaporate in the constant temperature zone for chemical cleaning act
  • FUJI NXT mounter
    FUJI NXT mounter There is no waste corresponding to the module that achieves high quality placement.   FUJI NXT mounter It is possible to constitute a production line with reasonable cost that matches the production pattern. It is possible to introduce the necessary equipment when necessary and to anticipate the correspondence for the future technology.   Flexible change of machine composition Not only when installing the machine, but also when changing the working head after the production line is in operation and changing the die set can be done more easily than before. This enables dynamic line changes beyond the range of common knowledge, in line with the new production methods that require rapid changes.  
  • Ultra-high speed modular bonder cm602
    Ultra-high speed modular bonder cm602 Ultra-high speed modular bonder cm602 CM402 created the myth of SMT sales, in just over 2 years time global sales of more than 3000 units. With its flexible, combination of stable production and ** cost-effective loved by the majority of customers, widely used in notebooks, MP4, cell phones, digital products, automotive electronics and other ** industry. With the continuous improvement of product processing technology, the placement machine also put forward higher requirements. In order to meet the requirements of industry development and better serve our customers, Panasonic Industrial Co., Ltd. has improved and developed the CM602, a new generation of mounter**, based on the original CM402.   The CM602 not only uses the original CM402 modules, but also adds a new 12-nozzle high-speed head and direct-absorbing tray as needed, expanding the original 8-nozzle high-speed bonder head function, plus the 3-nozzle multifunctional head with pressure control function, making it as many as 10 different module combinations, truly modular, allowing customers to combine and match at will. The high speed version of CM602* reaches a high speed of CPH100,000, and the speed of a single bonder head reaches CPH25,000, which is unmatched by other equipment in the industry at present. New linear motors are adopted for both XY axes to provide strong power to CM602.    ● The motion arm beam and head adopt new design and material, which not only reduce the weight but also greatly strengthen the rigidity, making it more stable during the motion.    ● High-speed and low-vibration design has been adopted for the X Y axis movement.    ● The linear motor adopts a new cooling design scheme, which enables faster and more effective cooling than other equipment using linear motors in high-speed motion, ensuring efficient operation and increasing the life of the motor.    The 7 types of racks can be used for all kinds of ribbon packaging components from 8mm to 104mm, which is the most versatile and widely applicable equipment in the industry. The new 8 mm single rack has been added according to customer demand.    The design of the overall exchange cart and the overall exchange support pin can greatly improve the operation efficiency and the machine switching time.    While improving productivity, the software, hardware, and operation are all based on the proven design of the CM402, ensuring interchangeability with the CM402. Equipment name : CM602 Power supply: 3 phase 200/220/380/400/420/480V 50/60Hz 4KVA Air pressure: 0.49-0.78MPa 170L/min Equipment size: W2350xD2690xH1430mm Operation: color LCD touch panel, Chinese, Japanese and English three kinds of one-touch switch Object component: 0603-100X90mm Number of tape: Multi 216 stations 8mm tape Object substrate: 50X50-510X460mm  
  • Hanwha DECAN F2 MMI (Error Code) and Problem Solving
    Hanwha DECAN F2 MMI (Error Code) and Problem Solving Trouble Shooting Guide General Principles If an error occurs during the operation of Hanwha's DECAN F2, please first take measures according to the instructions in this manual [Countermeasures]. If an error still occurs after taking measures or if an error not covered by the manual occurs, please take the following measures and then contact us. 1,First, save the necessary log files to disk. 2,If the error is related to the device driver, make all the axes of the device return to the home function and then remove the error again. 3,If the problem continues to occur, turn off the power of the device and restart it after about 10 seconds and remove the error again. 4,If the problem cannot be solved after taking the above-mentioned measures or retrying, please send the contents of the saved record file to our company for consultation on the contents of additional measures according to the first measure. Generally speaking, when there is an abnormal software error or obstacle, save the following files and contact our company to solve the problem as soon as possible at an early stage.  Job PCB file (a file with .pcb or .opt extension)  Error log files (all files on the C:\SmartSM\Log folder)  Device system files (all files on the C:\SmartSM\System folder) Warning: Please refer to the device status display field of the MMI to confirm the error level according to the error code. If the error is Emergency level (EMER) or Freeze level (FREEZE), click the "STOP" button to turn off the buzzer and then click "RESET". button to convert the device to the "IDLE" state and then take the appropriate action.  If it is MPU_STOP, turn off the device normally and restart it. If you adjust the sensor or perform debugging while the device is in the Ready state, you may be harmed. Be sure to perform sensor adjustment and take error measures in the Stop state after releasing Ready.
  • KHJ-MC145-01 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE F 50000pcs in stock
    KHJ-MC145-01 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE F 50000pcs in stock KHJ-MC145-01, Yamaha Electric Feeder Hook, SS feeder parts, YS12 rack accessories YAMAHA electric feeder 8MM-104MM board/motor/safety buckle/pressing cover/scrap cover/shell/spring/tail cover/handle/gear/outer cover/key/ABS/screw/spring Most fragile and consumable products 1. YAMAHA YS12/YS24/YS88/YS100 SMT MACHINE SS FEEDER ACCESSORIES 2. YAMAHA YSM10/YSM20R/YSM20W/YSM40R mounter ZS feeder accessories 3. I-Pulse M10/M20/S10/S20 mounter F3 feeder accessories Buy and sell, recycle, YAMAHA mounter accessories, NOZZLE, suction nozzle rod, camera, fixed camera, mobile camera, MARK point camera, sensor, aiming sensor, stop plate sensor, cylinder, seal ring, solenoid valve, motor, X-axis motor, Y-axis motor, R-axis motor, T-axis motor, linear motor, board card, data connection line, filter cotton, NSK maintenance lubricating oil, white sealing oil, and other common accessories. YAMAHA YS12/YS12F/YS12P/YS24/YS24X/YSM10/YSM20/YSM20R/YSM20W/YSM40R FEEDER trolley, offline loading platform, online loading platform, SS feeder corrector, SS feeder, ZS FEEDER, ALF automatic feeding feeder. YAMAHA YG12, YG12F, YS12, YS24, YS88, YS100, YSM10, YSM20, YSM20R, YSM40, YSM40R mounter motor, mobile camera, nozzle rod, solenoid valve, nozzle, motor, board card, trolley, offline loading platform, SS/ZS Feida correction instrument, other Japanese original accessories Wholesale and retail of accessories of YAMAHA SS/ZS electric feeder 8MM-104MM YAMAHA electric SS 8MM-104MM feeder sales, recycling, leasing, replacement, old for new business YAMAHA SS 8mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC100-000 YAMAHA SS 12/16mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC200-000 YAMAHA SS 24mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC400-000 YAMAHA SS 32mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC500-000 YAMAHA SS 44mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC600-000 YAMAHA SS 56mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC700-000 YAMAHA SS 72mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC800-000 YAMAHA SS 88mm electric feeder, KHJ-MC900-000 YAMAHA electric ZS model 8MM-104MM feeder sales, recycling, leasing, replacement, old for new business YAMAHA ZS 4mm feeder,KLJ-MCN00-000 YAMAHA ZS 8mm feeder,KLJ-MC100-004 YAMAHA ZS 12/16mm feeder,KLJ-MC200-003 YAMAHA ZS 24mm feeder,KLJ-MC400-004 YAMAHA ZS 32mm feeder,KLJ-MC500-001 YAMAHA ZS 44mm feeder,KLJ-MC600-001 YAMAHA ZS 56mm feeder,KLJ-MC700-001 YAMAHA ZS 72mm feeder,KLJ-MC800-001 YAMAHA ZS 88mm feeder,KLJ-MC900-001   YAMAHA YG12 YG12F YS12,YS12F,YS12P,YS24,YS24X,YS88,YS100,YSM20,YSM40R nozzles from factory directly, price is very beautiful. YAMAHA 301A/302A/303A/304A/305A/306A/307A/310A/311A/312A/313A/314A/315A/316A318A nozzles 301A nozzle,,KHN-M7710-A2    302A nozzle,,KHN-M7720-A1    303A/314A nozzle,,KHY-M7740-A0 304A/315A nozzle,,KHY-M7750-A0 306A/317A nozzle,KHY-M7770-A0 310A nozzle KHY-M77A0-A0 311A nozzle KHY-M7710-A2   312A nozzle KHY-M7720-A1  313A nozzle KHY-M7730-A0 KLF-M7710-A0,NOZZLE,501A ASSY.  KLF-M7720-A1,NOZZLE,502A ASSY. KLF-M87A0-A0,NOZZLE,510A ASSY. KLF-M8710-A1,NOZZLE,511A ASSY. KLF-M8720-A1,NOZZLE,512A ASSY. KLF-M8730-A2,NOZZLE,513A ASSY. KLF-M8740-A0,NOZZLE,503A/514A AS. KLF-M8750-A0,NOZZLE,504A/515A AS. KLF-M8770-A0,NOZZLE,506A/517A AS. KLF-M8780-A0,NOZZLE,507A/518A AS. KMB-M7730-A0,NOZZLE 7203A ASSY. KMB-M7740-A0,NOZZLE 7204A ASSY. KMB-M7750-A0,NOZZLE 7205A ASSY.  KMB-M7760-A0,NOZZLE 7206A ASSY. KMB-M7780-A0,NOZZLE 7208A ASSY.    YAMAHA YS12/YS12F/YS12P/YS24/YS24X/YS88/YS100 FEEDER  YAMAHA SS 8MM-88MM FEEDER PART No. Part No. Part Name Q&#39;ty Remarks Change Compati. 2 KHJ-MC110-00 MOTOR,FEED 1 2-1 KHJ-MC110-01 MOTOR,FEED 1 Different connector (2011/4/13) NG 3 KHJ-MC102-00 COVER,FEEDER SIDE 1 1 4 KHJ-MC10C-00 SEAL,MAIN LABEL 1 *Attention 5 KHJ-MC10E-00 SCREW,FLAT HEXLOBE 8 6 KHJ-MC134-00 GEAR,IDLE F1 1 7 KHJ-MC135-00 GEAR,IDLE F2 1 8 KHJ-MC136-01 GEAR,IDLE F3 1 9 KHJ-MC137-00 GEAR,IDLE F4 1 10 KHJ-MC138-00 GEAR,DRIVEN 1 12 KHJ-MC13C-00 PLATE,PUSHER GEAR 1 13 KHJ-MC13D-00 SPRING,PUSHER PLATE 3 14 KHJ-MC13F-00 SCREW,STAD 2 15 KHJ-MC161-01 BOX,TOP TAPE 1 Fig 1 15-1 KHJ-MC161-02 BOX,TOP TAPE 1 Fig 2 (2008/5/14) NG 15-2 KHJ-MC161-03 BOX,TOP TAPE 1 (2013/10/11) NG 17 KHJ-MC166-00 BLOCK,P/O TOOTH 1 1 17-1 KHJ-MC166-01 BLOCK,P/O TOOTH 1 1 (2008/4/25) NG 17-2 KHJ-MC166-02 BLOCK,P/O TOOTH 1 1 (2008/11/14) NG 18 KHJ-MC16F-00 SCREW,FLAT HEAD TAP. 6 19 KHJ-MC16J-00 SCREW,FLAT HEAD 2 20 KHJ-MC16U-00 TAIL COVER ASSY. 1 Can not be sold 21 KHJ-MC106-00 PLATE,UNDER 1 22 90166-02JA03 SCREW,PAN HEAD 2 23 91317-03006 BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD 3 23-1 KHJ-MC11T-00 BOLT,LOCK S/H 3 (2011/4/22) OK 24 91317-03008 BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD 2 24-1 91312-03010 BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD 2 (2008/4/11) OK 25 98707-03006 SCREW,FLAT HEAD 3 26 KHJ-MC16W-00 PLATE,P/O TOOTH 1 1 (2008/4/11) 27 90112-2AJ006 BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD 2 (2008/4/25) 28 KHJ-MC16U-S0 PARTS, TAIL COVER 1 *Attention 29 KHJ-MC162-S0 PARTS, BOX COVER 1 *Attention (2008/7/18) NG 30 KHJ-MC16Y-00 TOP TAPE BOX COMP. 1 With Magnet 31 KHJ-MC16K-


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