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KLJ-MC641-00 tape guide assy.44
Key Words:
tape guide assy
KLJ-MC641-00 tape guide assy.44
Commodity Number:KLJ-MC641-00
KLJ-MC641-00 tape guide assy.44
Product Description

KLJ-MC641-00 tape guide assy.44

YAMAHA YS12, YS24, YS88, YS100, YSM10, YSM20, YSM40R mounter electric FEEDER
YAMAHA SS electric 8mm feeder KHJ-MC100-000
YAMAHA SS electric 12/16mm feeder KHJ-MC200-000
YAMAHA SS electric 24mm feeder KHJ-MC400-000
YAMAHA SS electric type 32mm feeder KHJ-MC500-000
YAMAHA SS electric 44mm feeder KHJ-MC600-000
YAMAHA SS electric 56mm feeder KHJ-MC700-000
YAMAHA SS electric 72mm feeder KHJ-MC800-000
YAMAHA SS electric 88mm feeder KHJ-MC900-000
YAMAHA YS12, YS24, YS88, YS100, YSM10, YSM20, YSM40R mounter electric FEEDER safety buckle, product part numbers/specifications are as follows:
KHJ-MC145-00 SS48MM Feida Insurance Deduction
KHJ-MC245-00 SS12MM/16MM material rack insurance buckle
KHJ-MC445-00 SS24MM feeder safety buckle
KHJ-MC545-00 SS32MM feeder safety buckle
KHJ-MC645-00 SS44MM feeder safety buckle
KHJ-MC745-00 SS56MM FEEDER insurance buckle
KHJ-MC845-00 SS72MM Feida Insurance Deduction
KHJ-MC14W-S0 SS electric feeder 8MM insurance buckle
KHJ-MC24W-S0 SS electric feeder 12/16MM insurance buckle
KHJ-MC44W-S0 SS electric feeder 24MM insurance buckle
KHJ-MC54W-S0 SS electric feeder 32MM insurance buckle
KHJ-MC64W-S0 SS electric feeder 44MM insurance buckle
KHJ-MC74W-S0 SS electric feeder 56MM insurance buckle
YAMAHA YS12, YS24, YS88, YS100, YSM10, YSM20, YSM40R placement machine electric FEEDER waste cover, the product number/specification is as follows:
KHJ-MC16U-S0 SS8MM Feida waste cover
KHJ-MC26U-S0 SS12/16MM material rack waste cover
KHJ-MC46U-S0 SS24MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC56U-S0 SS32MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC66U-S0 SS44MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC76U-S0 SS56MM Feida waste cover
KHJ-MC86U-S0 SS72MM material rack waste cover
KHJ-MC16U-00 SS8MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC26U-00 SS12/16MM Feida waste cover
KHJ-MC46U-00 SS24MM material rack waste cover
KHJ-MC56U-00 SS32MM Feida waste cover
KHJ-MC66U-00 SS44MM material rack waste cover
KHJ-MC76U-00 SS56MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC86U-00 SS72MM FEEDER waste cover
YAMAHA YS12, YS24, YS88, YS100, YSM10, YSM20, YSM40R mounter electric FEEDER press cover, the product number/specification is as follows:
KHJ-MC141-00 SS8MM material rack press cover
KHJ-MC24J-00 SS12MM Feida waste cover
KHJ-MC241-00 SS16MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC441-00 SS4MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC541-00 SS32MM feeder waste cover
KHJ-MC641-00 SS44MM waste gun cover
KHJ-MC741-00 SS56MM FEEDER waste cover
KHJ-MC841-00 SS72MM material rack waste cover
KHJ-MC141-02 SS8MM feeder pressure cap
KHJ-MC141-03 SS8MM feeder press cover
KHJ-MC141-04 SS8MM feeder pressing cover
KHJ-MC24J-00 ZS12MM feeder pressing cover
KHJ-MC24J-01 ZS12MM FEEDER pressing cover
KHJ-MC24J-03 ZS12MM feeder pressing cover
KHJ-MC24J-04 ZS12MM FEEDER pressing cover
KHJ-MC241-00 ZS16MM Feida pressing cover
KHJ-MC241-02 ZS16MM feeder pressing cover
KHJ-MC241-04 ZS16MM feeder pressing cover
KHJ-MC241-05 ZS16MM feeder press cover
KHJ-MC441-00 ZS24MM feeder gland
KHJ-MC541-00 YS12 32MM feeder gland
KHJ-MC641-00 YS12 44MM Feida pressing cover
KHJ-MC741-00 YS12 56MM feeder pressing cover
99480-03010 PIN, PARALLEL, SS8MM-72MM feeder fixed pin
KHJ-MC15A-00 SHAFT 112, SS8MM material rack fixing pin
KHJ-MC16B-00 SHAFT, P/O LEVER 2, SS8MM feeder fixing pin
KHJ-MC185-00 PIN, HANDLE, SS8MM feeder fixing pin
99480-04022 PIN, PARALLEL, SS12/16MM feeder fixing pin
99480-05018 PIN, PARALLEL, SS12/16MM feeder fixed pin
99480-05012 PIN, PARALLEL, SS12/16MM rack fixing pin
99480-04030 PIN, PARALLEL, SS24MM FEEDER fixed pin
KHJ-MC54E-00 SHAFT, LEVER, SS32MM material rack fixing pin
99480-04028 PIN, PARALLEL, SS32MM feeder fixing pin
KHJ-MC64E-00 SHAFT, LEVER, SS44MM, 56MM feeder fixing pin
99480-04040 PIN, PARALLEL, SS44MM feeder fixing pin
KHJ-MC74E-00 SHAFT, LEVER, SS56MM feeder fixed pin
KHJ-MC134-00 SS24MM feeder gear
KHJ-MC135-00 SS feeder gear
KHJ-MC136-00 SS8MM feeder gear
KHJ-MC138-00 SS Electric Feeder Gear
KHJ-MC238-00 SS feeder gear
KHJ-MC534-00 SS Electric Feeder Gear
KHJ-MC131-00 SS type feeder gear
KHJ-MC132-00 SS electric feeder gear
KHJ-MC151-00 SS8MM Feeder Coil Gear
KHJ-MC152-00 SS8MM Electric Feeder Coil Gear
KHJ-MC153-00 SS Electric Feeder 8MM Coil Gear
KHJ-MC251-00 SS Feeder Coil Gear
KHJ-MC252-00 SS Feida Coil Gear
KHJ-MC253-00 SS12MM Feida Coil Gear
KHJ-MC254-00 SS Electric Feeder Coil Gear
KHJ-MC24D-00 SS12MM FEEDER adjusting gasket
KHJ-MC161-00 SS8MM Feida waste box
KHJ-MC16Y-00 SS8MM Feida waste with storage box
KHJ-MC261-00 SS16MM Feida waste box
KHJ-MC26Y-00 SS12MM Feida waste with storage box
KHJ-MC156-00 SS8MM Feida Coil Gear
KHJ-MC16V-00 SS8MM Feedstock Coil Gear
KHJ-MC13D-00 SS8MM FEEDER gear spring
KHJ-MC146-02 SS8MM Feeder pressure cover back end button spring
KHJ-MC147-02 SS8MM material rack press cover front button spring
KHJ-MC146-00 SS8MM Feeder pressure cap back end button spring
KHJ-MC247-00 SS feeder pressure cap front button spring
KHJ-MC187-00 SS8MM The spring inside the feeder handle

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