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Fuji CPU Board
Fuji CPU Board FH1018A
Commodity Number:FH1018A
Fuji CPU Board FH1018A
SMT Card
Product Description

Fuji CPU Board FH1018A

Other FUJI parrts:

Fuji Spare Parts List OEM Part No. Description FUJI 13189 LAMP HALOGEN (R1022A) (R1022A) FUJI 100003 Absorber shock KSHA6X15-47W TO A1037W FUJI 100119 ASTRO BELT TIMING 10T5/1500 20.114.01 FUJI 100122 ASTRO BELT FLAT 7WX3270L 1.5C 20.126.01 FUJI 100129 ASTRO BELT FLAT 7WX1290L 0.5C 20.124.01 FUJI 100134 RELAY SOLID STATE G3R-0A202SZN 5-24DC FUJI 100202 ASTRO CONNECTOR SENSOR SE0292 SUNX-CN-13 FUJI 100206 ASTRO BELT FLAT 7WX2280L 1.0C 20.123.01 FUJI 100238 ASTRO FLANG BEARING DDLF1150ZZ 26.073.01 FUJI 100274 ASTRO SENSOR MICRO SE0291 PM-K53B FUJI 100370 BEARING 32214 FUJI 100373 BEARING 32216 FUJI 100379 BEARING 6201LLU FUJI 100394 BEARING 30208J (KOYO) FUJI 100397 BEARING HR32015J (KOYO) FUJI 100400 BEARING HR32016J (KOYO) FUJI 100403 BEARING MR126Z FUJI 100406 BEARING R1140ZZ FUJI 100418 BEARING 6205LLU FUJI 100421 BEARING 6207LLU FUJI 100430 BEARING LCR-12X19X31 FUJI 100508 BELT 7M-670 TO H4453H FUJI 100511 BELT XA-PB L=2000 5X1.1 FUJI 100512 Belt XA-PB L=1300 5X1.1T FUJI 100514 BELT XA-PB L=1767 5X1.1 FUJI 100517 BELT XA-PB L=1800 5X1.1 FUJI 100520 BELT XA-PB L=2100 5X1.1 FUJI 100531 BELT TIMING 330-1.5 GT-1.5 FUJI 100532 BELT TIMING 120XL050 FUJI 100535 BELT TIMING 170XL025 FUJI 100541 BELT TIMING 90XL037 FUJI 100548 BELT TIMING 450-5GT-20(Q) NP133E FUJI 100611 BOARD FH1037A1 PFU RUTER TO FH1037A FUJI 100616 BOARD VM1510 TO FH1001B OUTPUT FUJI 100619 BOARD VM1520 DISCON FUJI 100622 BOARD FH1005A ( VM1730) FUJI 100625 BOARD FH1018A (VM1152) FUJI 100631 BOARD FH1003A (VM1710) CAMERA FUJI 100856 BUSHING 70B-2025 FUJI 101555 EJECTOR VGH10E-6L6L TO A4001C FUJI 101558 ENCODER E2-0-1000-XF FUJI 101564 ENCODER E3-00-XF-1000P/R FOR SAM-0010 FUJI 101570 ENCODER ES-10-PL5/1000 TO 101558 FUJI 101573 ENCODER ES-20-PL5/1000 TO 101564 FUJI 101672 FEEDER KJD-0802-1.0-330 for CP-7 FUJI 101673 FEEDER KJD-0802-1.3-330 for CP-7 FUJI 101679 FEEDER WD-0802-1.0-178 for CP6 FUJI 101680 FEEDER WD-0802-1.0-330 for CP6 FUJI 101682 FEEDER WE-0804-1.3-330 FOR CP-65 FUJI 101683 FEEDER WE-0804-1.0-330 FOR CP-65 FUJI 101685 FEEDER WD-0804-1.3-330 FOR CP-6 FUJI 101780 FEEDER STAND CP2+3+4-Vers./3-rack type FUJI 101803 ASTRO BELT FLAT 7WX1885L 20.129.01(Outp) FUJI 102059 GREASE DAPHNE EPONEX NO.2 / 385G DOSE FUJI 102068 GREASE MULTITEMP LRL-3 TO K3031Z FUJI 102790 O Ring SIR-S16-4C (for H3018M) FUJI 102791 O Ring SIR-G55-4C (for H3018M) FUJI 102863 SWITCH PHOTO EE-SX301 FUJI 102866 SWITCH PHOTO EE-SX401 FUJI 103091 POWER SUPPLY K50A-24 FUJI 103112 POWER SUPPLY P50E-24 TO T4189A FUJI 103115 POWER SUPPLY KMC30-1-N TO T4137K FUJI 103124 POWER SUPPLY RMC30-1-N TO T4137K FUJI 103181 PUSHBUTTON SWITCH A3SJ-90C1-24EG(A5049E FUJI 103184 PUSHBUTTON SWITCH AT-4027-W FUJI 103295 RELAY G2A-432-AN FUJI 103298 RELAY LY2N-AC100/110V FUJI 103301 RELAY LY2N-DC12V FUJI 103307 RELAY LY4N-DC24V FUJI 103310 RELAY MY4N-AC200/220V FUJI 103313 RELAY TR1SN/0.95-1.45A FUJI 103325 RELAY G2R-112S-VNUS DC12V > USE ALTENATIVE PART FUJI 103328 RELAY G2R-212S-VNUS DC12V > USE ALTENATIVE PART FUJI 103331 RELAY G2R-112S-DC24V TO R2016A > USE ALTENATIVE FUJI 103334 RELAY G2R-212S-DC24V TO R2017A > USE ALTENATIVE FUJI 103337 RELAY G3R-102SLN DC24V/2A FUJI 103530 Sensor EX-11EB-R-C2 FUJI 103967 STEPPING MOTOR COVER GB42205 FUJI 103976 STOPPER GB320130 FUJI 104013 CYLINDER RODLESS ORGA 32X1120-Z530B2 FUJI 104111 SWITCH PROXIMITY TL-X1E1 > USE ALTENATIVE PART > FUJI 104114 SWITCH REED D-97L FUJI 104126 SWITCH SAFETY SRB-NA-R-C.7 (C)24 FUJI 104129 SWITCH SAFETY SRB-NA-R-C-24 FUJI 104213 TIMER MINIATURE H3Y-2 DC12V FUJI 104216 TIMER MINIATURE H3Y-2 DC24V 2-60 SEC > USE ALTENA FUJI 104219 TIMER MINIATURE H3Y-4 AC100 1 SEC. > USE ALTENAT FUJI 104262 VALVE MECHANICAL MDV235-NP133E FUJI 104263 O RING FOR MDV235-NP133E FUJI 104306 ROD END PR-8 TO H3187A FUJI 104480 VALVE SOL PCS-244-D-1LPK FUJI 104500 VALVE SOL PCE-344-NB-D24UP FUJI 104513 VALVE SOL RCS-242-M3-D24PKO OLD FEEDER FUJI 105001 FAN 1 MCS-30/-1/-2/-3/-4 UNDER PCB FUJI 105003 FAN 3 MCS-30/-1/-2/-3/-4 BACK SIDE RIGHT FUJI 105004 FAN 4 MCS-30/-1/-2/-3 FRONT SIDE FUJI 105005 FAN 4 MCS-30-4 FRONT SIDE FUJI 105017 VALVE SOL FMY110-4ME2-J4S-81-DC24W.BASE FUJI 105203 HOSE HYDRAULIC HP44690 OP-2/MTU7-1 FUJI 105615 LAMP UV FLB10-115 FUJI 106202 ASTRO CYL AIR CDMLN25-01-30209 21.045.VM1440 IS70B 2500005-508REVA IS70C VM1530 AVM311F CP91D CP91C CP91E VM520 H1016A HIVM-134LSO-1000 M1931 VM4800 VM4400 VM4300 VM4100 VM1152 H1002 VM1710 AVME-131BF VM1730 FH1015A   FH1016A FH1017A FSC-30D HIMV-924B HIMV-924A2 B004-2 8900-1 9100-1 VM1153  FH1018A MX100 CM9 MX100PT12 MX100 MX250RC44 MX250RT01 MX250RV01 MX250RB01


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Product serial number: FH1018A
Fuji CPU Board FH1018A
Retail price: 0.0 USD USD
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